Cinque Terre: an unforgettable trip with the whole family

Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore: Cinque Terre are an unmissable natural wonder in East Liguria to visit and experience with the whole family!

Why are Cinque Terre an undeniable destination?

Cinque Terre National Park (the 10 km area that includes the five villages) is a World Heritage Site of Unesco. The paths through the old hamlets will lead children and adults to discover wonderful sea panoramas surrounded by nature. A precious family friendly treasure.

How to arrive and what to do

The best way to reach Cinque Terre is by train: you will avoid traffic and park problems and you will be free to wander around from a village to the other without worrying about re-taking your car.


After having so appreciated the beauties of Corniglia, its squares and its old tower, from which you can enjoy a breath-taking sea panorama, we suggest you to take the Corniglia – Manarola path, an easy route also for children. In less than an hour the walk connect the two villages and you will arrive in the town centre of Manarola. From the colourful harbour you can go uphill or take a panoramic path which is dug in the rocks and has banks for a rest looking at the sea. A bit forward you can have a break and relax on two big terraces, where you will also find a recreation ground for children.

Cinque Terre panorama stupendo paesino sul mare al tramonto

How to move

You can choose your favourite means of transport to move from a village to the other: by train, convenient and functioning, or by boat, beautiful and suggestive. From La Spezia or Levanto you can easily reach Cinque Terre with every means of transport you prefer! If you choose the train, you have to pay attention to the stops, because not all trains stop in each station. To make transfers easier, we recommend to buy the Cinque Terre Card: for 10 Euros you can travel by train from Levanto to La Spezia for the whole day, you can enter the Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Path) and much more!

You can also ride your bike on some paths of Cinque Terre: at the stations of Riomaggiore and Manarola you can rent one.

For information you can visit the official site.

BoatCinque Terre have a local boat line that starts from Monterosso. For further details visit the website. We suggest the boat that goes also to Portovenere because it deserves a visit!

What to eat

Monterosso anchovies, gianchetti (whitebait of anchovies and sardines), frisé de burbugin (pancakes of courgette flowers) are the “must” you have not to miss!

You have to taste the DOC wines of Cinque Terre and the typical Schiacchetrà, an old meditation wine.

As dessert, try the chestnut meal cake and candied bitter orange.

But how about an ice-cream? Everywhere it is delicious!

Have a nice trip!