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Hostel in Liguria

Riviera dei Bambini presents Ostello Bello

Yes, you read that right: a new section has been added to Riviera dei Bambini, dedicated to hostels in Liguria for families. We know that hostel and family seem like two opposing concepts, but that’s not the case!

In fact, we want to surprise you by telling you about our Ligurian hostels that are perfect for families wanting to visit Genoa or Finale Ligure. Two hostels that are part of the Ostello Bello group have been added to Riviera dei Bambini: Ostello Bello Genova and Ostello Bello Finale Ligure.

Why Choose Ostello Bello for Your Stay in Liguria with Your Family?

  • The environment is easy, relaxed, and very welcoming.

  • The rooms are spacious and come with private bathrooms.

  • There is a fully equipped kitchen and a bar that is always open.

  • The buffet breakfast is rich and delicious.

  • Both Ostello Bello Genova and Ostello Bello Finale Ligure are in a strategic location.

  • The common areas are beautiful and perfect for children.

  • There is a play area for children.

  • There is space to park bicycles.

  • Pets are welcome in private rooms.

  • There is also space for large families!

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