The most beautiful villages in Italy: Borgio Verezzi

Borgio Verezzi is located in Liguria, in the Palm Riviera between Finale and Pietra Ligure. The town was established in 1933 from the union of two municipalities: Borgio and Verezzi. Thanks to its well known beauty and its distinctive architectonic features it was listed in 2008 as one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” and later as one of the “Pearls of Liguria”. Visiting Verezzi is like entering a natural theatre surrounded by the warm colours of Liguria and characterized by the delicate smells of Mediterranean vegetation.

The most surprising aspect is however the unique view over the Ligurian coast that you can enjoy surrounded by the aroma of the Mediterranean vegetation. You will have the feeling of being suspended between sea and sky.

Perched on the hill of Orera, the “Saracen” hamlet is a harmonious mix of 4 different villages (Poggio, Piazza, Roccaro, Crosa) that are characterized by pink stone houses set in a landscape of rock and sea and entirely criss-crossed and connected by the narrow “carruggi” and “creuze” (the typical Ligurian narrows streets) that were once used for mules and carts.


In the last few years, the touristic promotion of the territory has preserved the area through time by the development of business activities. It has renovated the houses of Borgio Verezzi and turned them into desired accommodations, both for local residents who live in them as well as for foreign tourists.

The village Piazza (lit. square) with its square Sant’Agostino has a wonderful view of the sea with a small church from the 17th century (renovated after being damaged during WWII). It is the most famous town due to the Theatre Festival of Borgio Verezzi. It takes place every year in July and August and it is now among the most important prose festivals at a national level. The square since 1967 has become a natural setting for actors on summer evenings, that move under a starry sky sketched by the roofs of ancient buildings and with the dark blue hue of the sea with thousands of lights creating a natural wall behind the public.