The 5 most instagrammable places in Liguria


We never tire of repeating how our region is rich in different landscapes and can therefore offer numerous ideas for wonderful holidays with children, satisfying the most disparate tastes.

This is why today we want you to discover some of the most instagrammable places in Liguria. But we would like to specify that this is not a ranking, because every place in our beloved region is important to us.

1. Boccadasse

Let’s start from the most iconic place in Genoa: Boccadasse, the seaside village par excellence! No words are needed to describe the magic of this glimpse, which enchants young and old in every season.

Genova e la spiaggia di Boccadasse

2. Toirano

From Genoa we then move towards the west, to a decidedly less known but no less suggestive place: Toirano. This small village is famous for its caves but in our opinion its historic center also deserves to be immortalized.

3. Varigotti

Always remaining on the Riviera di Ponente we cannot fail to mention the Baia dei Saraceni and more generally Varigotti, which is not by chance often mentioned as one of the most beautiful places in all of Liguria (in addition to always appearing in the ranking of the most beautiful beaches) thanks to its typical pastel houses and the crystal clear sea of ​​the bay.

Varigotti paese interno con casa antiche

4. Cinque Terre

We cannot talk about the image of Liguria without thinking of the Cinque Terre and therefore we will not be outdone. These countries nestled between the promontories of the far east are not only among the most instragrammed but most of all they are among the most representative of our region, especially since the Disney-Pixar film Luca made them known all over the world.

5. Borgio Verezzi

Finally we want to suggest you a little gem we are particularly fond of: Borgio Verezzi. This village is not only one of the most beautiful villages in Italy but thanks to its location it is able to offer truly breathtaking views, which will surely make you collect a lot of likes if you decide to immortalize them and publish them on your profiles.