Discovering the Archaeological Museum of Finale

As we have often had the opportunity to remember, Finale Ligure is a place rich in resources to make your stay interesting and pleasant. Today we want to take you to the discovery of one of its jewels: the Archaeological Museum of Finale.

This museum has recently been moved in the historic center of Finalborgo, within the Monumental Complex of Santa Caterina, around the two fifteenth-century cloisters. This makes the visit even more fascinating, given the architectural context in which it is located, you will in fact be struck by the perspectives that are generated and by the suggestive view that can be enjoyed from some of them.


The exhibition itinerary, through archaeological finds, reconstructions, dioramas and scenographic settings, will make you discover the testimonies of the uninterrupted human frequentation of the Finalese, a coastal area that has always been very rich in naturalistic and environmental resources, which has therefore favored the human settlements.

The Archaeological Museum of Finale is spread over 10 rooms, through which, together with your children, you can retrace the stages of human evolution from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages, passing through finds from the Neolithic, Roman and Byzantine periods.

The last room is then dedicated to the evolution of coins, evidence of the growing complexity that has characterized the evolution of society from ancient times to the present day, marking the transition from trade in goods based on barter to the market economy.


To find out the opening hours and other useful information for organizing your visit, we suggest you check the museum website, where there is an entire section dedicated to activities for children and teenagers, workshops, games but you can also find Archeotrekking, that is the possibility of organizing walks on itineraries, usually not accessible, accompanied by specialized guides.

The Archaeological Museum of Finale is therefore an unmissable stop to discover with your children the charm of history and the wonders of human evolution.