Discovering Luca’s places

This year for us parents was marked “cinematically” by the advent and great success of the latest Disney-Pixar animated film, Luca.

Even before its official release on the Disney + platform, this film has aroused great interest, especially in Italy and in particular in Liguria, as it is set in one of the most evocative places in our region.

We are talking about the Cinque Terre. The imaginary town of Portorosso, in fact, is nothing more than a mosaic of the most characteristic parts of each town in this beautiful area.


Today we want to let you discover the different places that inspired Luca’s creators in the conception of Portorosso. Let’s start from the square, where many scenes from history are set, which closely resembles that of Vernazza, as well as the steep streets that the protagonists travel by bicycle.

The other central location of this cartoon is undoubtedly the home of Giulia, the little girl that Luca and Alberto meet as soon as they land on the mainland. This building is clearly inspired by a building in Riomaggiore, the easternmost of the Cinque Terre, at the end of which there is a small port at the end of which there is a red building, just like the one where the protagonist of the film lives.


More generally, the landscape drawn around Portorosso evokes small details of the various villages which are however particularly iconic, such as: the hills of Manarola and the winding accesses to the sea of ​​Corniglia.

But the inspirations of this cartoon obviously do not end here, they are multiple and even slightly border on the renowned Cinque Terre. In Luca’s places we find in fact the stimulating landscape of Tellaro, the suggestive mosaic of colors of the buildings overlooking the sea of ​​Porto Venere.

So if you have not yet had the opportunity to visit these magnificent places on our eastern coast, now you have one more reason to organize your trip and take your children to visit Portorosso.