Discover Camogli with Children

Today we want to take you to the Riviera di Levante to discover one of the most typical seaside villages of Liguria, we are talking about Camogli, the ideal destination for a trip with children.

Overlooking the Golfo Paradiso, this splendid village is characterized by tall houses painted with bright colors that enchant both adults and children and where you will find sea, relaxation, culture and good food.

So let’s find out together what to do in Camogli with the children.

Camogli dettaglio del porticciolo con le case tipiche liguri

First of all, one of the first things that will catch your attention is the huge pan (yes you read that right!) Hanging in the small square located at the beginning of the village. It is the symbol of Camogli and its traditional Fish Festival, which was traditionally held on the second Sunday of May but which in recent years has been postponed to other dates due to the pandemic.

Then walk along the promenade, perhaps enjoying a nice piece of focaccia (classic or with cheese), until you reach the beach where, depending on the day, you can relax in the sun while the children play among the boats or on the dry bath or enjoy all together. a nice bathroom.

After the inevitable stop on the beach, we recommend that you continue towards the Dragonara Castle, from whose terrace you can enjoy an enchanting view on both sides of Camogli, which were once divided by the water. In fact, as a majolica found in the square recalls, the castle in the past stood on an islet, which was only later rejoined to the mainland.

Camogli sagra del pesce fuochi d'artificio alla sera a San Fortunato

Once back down, continue your walk in the direction of the lighthouse, passing alongside the network of lovers, which we are sure will intrigue the little ones. Once you reach the lighthouse, you can make another small stop to take some suggestive souvenir photos.

And if you are a navigation and history enthusiast, you cannot miss the Maritime Museum which houses works related to the world of the sea, including curious ships in bottles, in one of which the houses of Camogli are reproduced as well as the sailing ships and the port.

If, on the other hand, the discovery of the village is not enough for you and you love to immerse yourself in nature, numerous hiking trails start from Camogli in the surrounding area. In an hour’s walk, for example, passing through the hamlet of San Rocco you can reach the summit of Mount Portofino. There are really numerous paths to choose from to discover the many wonders of the promontory.

Then remember that several boats depart from the small port that connect Camogli both to the beach of San Fruttuoso and to the Cinque Terre.

In short, a trip to Camogli is always a great idea and we are sure that, like us, you will always find new ideas to fall in love with this fantastic pearl of the Golfo Paradiso.

Battello porticciolo camogli